Most people dread the flu.  I dread creative block.  Two weeks ago, I had contracted it in full force.  Instead of the medicine cabinet, I headed for the car.  I cranked up the volume and let music consume my consciousness.

Next came a freakishly irresistible wave of emotions. My heart was finally understanding the music I had been slaving over for weeks.  With tears streaming down my face thirty minutes later, I welcomed passion with a smile.  

The mystery of it allured me--its origins, its possibilities, its presence.  I couldn't stay away from my piano that week (well, until I crashed four days later).  Since, my love has matured a bit.  It keeps growing, but its intensity has become manageable (as in: my sleep schedule has gone back to normal).

So now, a gift to you: a few listening tips, my imagination of the piece, and listening links.

  1. Remove distractions and isolate yourself (*ultra* mandatory)
  2. Put it on loud (recommended)

My imagination:

I felt the first movement as a daydream that is no longer possible.  With this, a deep pleasure, pain, and sorrow. The second, an insanely fast Waltz, I head as an attempt to run from that pain. A set of overly frivolous escapades with anguish lurking beneath the surface. Then, the third, an acceptance of the loss. The dreamy indulgences of the first movement are replaced with bittersweet memories. Then, the finale--a sense of bitter anger followed by a return of the theme from the first movement. This time, though, its hope is extinguished.  And in a flurry to end, even this despair is banished.

So check it out.  It's gold.