It’s probably no mystery (as my mouth is rather large) that I’ve been working on Tchaikovsky’s first concerto these days. Today was special, though. I don’t even know how, but I got into such a sort of transe exploring one of the most beautiful little parts of the piece.It brought me to thinking about this whole journey (and writing this):

At first, it was like standing at the foot of a giant mountain. I had anticipated the climb for so long and then there I was. I had no idea what it would really really be like and that honestly freaked me out.  ‘This is what really big things feel like right before you do them, right?’ Was along the lines what my subconscious was yelling at me.

The early days of work were like a passionate fling (skipping class (and everything else) to practice was suddenly a moral obligation). Those days, it was also an escape for me. Tchaikovsky was both my ‘3AM sobbing in tears’ and my ‘3PM jamming out’ piece.

Then came the duty and the diligence (that part felt a bit like working out because your wife wants you to look good). I had to live out my decision to love Tchaikovsky.  I’m convinced that those days when I didn’t feel like it were worth more than all of the others that I did.

These days, Tchaikovsky is like family. He is somewhere forever in my heart. I know we will have many more journeys and adventures together. And this piece, well, it’s become extension of me now.


If you haven’t listened, please do. You won’t regret it.